Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What's Harder Than Life {Jick/Joick Story} Ep. 20 MM 1/5

ENJOY!! ___________________ Joe's POV I've been hanging out with this girl Miley. Well, not really hanging out....We're married and have a daughter named Kiley. I know what your thinking. On earth it's only been 4 days...but, the first time I saw her, I fell in love with her. Sometimes I think I'm a manwhore but, I've been down here for 4 years. Give me a break. A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. Anyway, I was walking down the hall (idk what hell is like) with Miley talking about Nick. "So did you break up with him before he left?" She asked. "No. I assumed it was over when he left." I answered. She took my hand and kissede it. "Good. Now I know I don't have ant competetion." Miley smiled. I pulled her in to kiss her, but when we were inches apart I heard a scream and pulled away. "Baby?" she asked. I grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the screaming. Don't get me wrong, I hear screams everyday...but this scream is different...it was angelic.When we reached the torcher room I was confused, and let go of Miley's hand. "What are you doning here?" I asked. "I see you moved on." Nick said, ignoring my question. "Good for you." "Why are you here?" I asked, getting angry. "Her name's Miley? Beautiful name. I also see you still have my mark on your arm...i'll take that back." he said and snapped his fingers which made the engravement in my arm turn to blood. The blood travel back to Nick's finger as he smiled. "What do you what!" I yelled. "A daughter, named Kiley? No ...

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