Tuesday, March 15, 2011

StepSiblings [Jemi Story] Chapter 6

I am guessing you all already heard about Japan, I mean how can you not...? Horrible, right? They want to stop the nuclear power plants here too... hopefully they really will GO AND READ HER STORIES PLEASE: dimpleslover96 www.youtube.com www.youtube.com 20 COMMENTS FOR THE NEXT ONE! Joe smiled at me and we continued to talk about our life's until the conversation somehow turned towards college, Joe told me that he only went to college for 2 years, being a real smart ass. While his wife Chelsea was still in college studying to become a teacher, the job she had at the moment was just so they could pay the bills and still save some more. "And how were your college years? Are you still going, I mean you are only... 20 right?" I nodded. "Yeah I uh never went to college" "Oh... why? I mean if you want a good job, what are you working as anyway?" I faked giggling, hoping he didn't notice. "Oh I just didn't want to go. And I am not working at the moment, I just want to enjoy the time right now and I will look for a job later" Joe nodded. "Well I wouldn't put that off too long, we aren't babies anymore" I laughed, this time for real and nodded. "I guess" A silence took over us and suddenly Joe shot up after having a look at the clock. "Oh sorry, I really have to get going, Chelsea is waiting for me to pick her up. It was nice seeing you again, maybe I will come by the cabin before we leave, we could talk some more" He leaned down and kissed my cheek before placing 20 Dollar in my ...

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