Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Perris - Still On Hold Freeverse

Lookin for the right things to make us, While avoiding the things that might break us, How many fights did it take for the young couple to break up, The child to lose his daddy and the dreamer to wake up, Like a cakeface it takes forever to make up, The time that we lost, Things had but yet we still play tough, Fight hard through struggles, Let by gones be by gones confidence weighs enough and fight on until the time u won't even have to hustle, That's what we lookin for, And yet we still caught up with rent but stay mad about lookin poor, What do men call the hooker for, Is it cause the wife doesnt try to look good no more? Or is she different, relationships change people don't always stay intimate, When people get into it they either last a long or short time, Those in between won't even need a co-sign, Cause a lot of those ones are of girls lookin for gold mines, These women break hearts in no time, These niggas shoot darts but I don't mind, They cant even talk about flow I'm, One of the best at it, Like the years the rest had it, Now I hear garbage children take a rest at it, My classmates still breast addicts, Eyes don't even matter cause the ass is emphatic, But I'm grown past that, Really I'm grown ask dad, Seriously I don't even try to look for a fat ass, Intelligence is irrelevant when it comes to music, All people have brains but few choose to use em, I try not to talk the blues I'm, One of the few that speaks out, Not somethin about me that's new it's, Somethin ...

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