Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pennywise - Original by Sean K.

I weigh my stash on the daily.... From across the town my good ol' friend comes my way. His name is Bobby, Bobby Gray, have you ever heard of a more fancier name? He's about 6 feet tall, he's a big burly dude with a killer smile. He does drag on the side. When I see Bobby Gray I am so surprised to see the silver in his eyes glimmering in the sun, who knew it'd be so bright in the night? He offers me a weak handshake and tells me, 'Buddy ol' pal I need a place to stay'. I say, 'Pennywise,' cuz that's his nickname, 'I got a wife and kid at home and there's no more room.' He looks at me with a steady bright eye and tells me that I won't survive, no I won't survive. I won't live to tell my tale. He jumps, spins around, he can't contain himself. So I shoot him in the face with a nickel and dime and run away with my secret stash and hurry on home to weigh what I have. And when I get there the walls are covered in blood. Dripping in what looks like a rasberry flood. I can't do this. Suddenly I feel a very sharp pain in my eye and immediately I am half blind and then I die along with my kid and wife with my stash still in hand and not even baked. © Sean K. 2010 ____ I was reading Stephen King's IT during the time I wrote this. It has many references and spoilers. So if you haven't read all 1090 pages of it, don't listen to the song! Kidding!!

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