Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Never Let You Go (A Justin Bieber Love Story) Season 2 Episode 78

Episode 78! Only 2 more episodes left until the shocking season finale!(: ~~~ (Nobody's POV) A month passed by, & now Marissa's song, "Firework" is the number 1 song in America, & was named the "Summer Anthem of 2011". Not only did the song get popular, but Marissa herself grew to be a successful artist in the music industry. Now, wherever she went, paparazzi were there too; she even had to hire her own personal body guard. Although she's famous now, she didn't let that get to her head, & she didn't let the fame change her. Her relationship with Justin has gone really smooth for the past month, & has flourished to become an even better one, although they're both famous now. There's a month left for summer, & Marissa & Justin have to decide if they're going to return to East Point High & finish their senior year there, or do home schooling. Right now, Marissa & Justin are at a beach in Hawaii. (Marissa's POV) Me: *to Justin* babe, can you pass me my drink, please? Justin: sure *grabs the drink & passes it to me* Me; *takes it from him & takes a sip from it* thanks. Justin: you're welcome This is perfect. This past month & a half has been so stressful & wild, & I'm glad that me & Justin finally took the vacation we were talking about. No parents, no screaming fans, just me & Justin together, alone. That's my definition of paradise. Right now, we were at a beach that's in front of our hotel, & I'm guessing that it's about 5:30 because the sun is about to set. Watching the ...

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