Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Wife-Jay Moy(with lyrics)

I really see myself with this boy and the fact he sees me as his wife. now&forever :) 041909 Press play&repeat Lyrics:Chorus: I love you, I need you You're the one I need in my life I hug you, I kiss you I'll be here right by your side And without you, there's no meaning No meaning in my life And the future, I am seein I'm seein you as my wife Verse 1: You're the love of my life, you're the one that I need You're the air to lungs, I always need you to breathe You're the only girl I know that shows so much care And my love for you is all real and sincere Even though sometimes we have them ups and downs But we work things out so good things can come around I' will do anything to never see you frown Find the cure to my heart and it's you that I found And I gotta tell this you're like the girl of my dreams Like a fairytale story, you fulfill my fantasies You're stuck on my mind, you're like a melody So after all this time I hope you see that... Verse 2: The present is great but the future seems near Our love and fate, doesn't it seem clear? When I feel tired, I lay down and dream Of what's next for us and what's next for me To work things out, we gotta be like team When you havin a problem, you gotta tell me what's wrong Keep me updated so I can be alarmed So I can cure the pain, that caused you harm And if you ain't happy please tell me what to do Cuz I'll stop what I'm doin just to be with you Let's never hold lies and always tell the truth So after this song I hope you ...

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