Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mark Van Street LIVE!

I have a great friend named Mark Van Fleet. Him and his wife J Burt are some of my dearest friends so when it came time for his 30th birthday, I knew I had to blow it out. Mark is also white as rice. So, when we would be at work together I used to fantasize about him becoming a rapper. AKA Mark Van Street. I knew it was a terrible idea but kind of brilliant in its stupidity. I kept him informed of all my newest ideas mostly to stay entertained at work, never thinking anything would come of it. Then I started talking to his wife and we started conspiring. She would tell me more of his likes and dislikes and then we decided that this needed to happen. To give some back round on Mark, he is a registrar which is the nerdiest of all museum science. Plus, he is a huge noise/swamp rock/doom kind of dude and heavily invested in the experimental arts and a general arts advocate (a very critical dude none the less). Aside from that he is just a stand up dude, the kind of dude you wouldn't mind going out on a limb for.. hence this really embarrassing performance that I created for him. I will preface this by saying I created the whole thing from start to finish in three days. When I listen back I realize that I didn't really rap, I mostly just did shout outs with a little rap intermingled. So, I guess I was also making fun of what I think is funny about some rappers to a degree. If you don't know me you should know that I am not a rapper. However, there is different times in my life ...

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