Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Haii Guisee! Sorry i haven't been writing so frequently, honestly i have not had one single idea in my mind until like, yesterday! Well, I've only been getting ideas for Secrets! So, i have story information, and yeah! 1. Learning To Love - CANCELED ! I litterally sat infront of my computer for a good hour and a half trying to come up with something, and i absolutely HATE that story! I hate it, it's like listening to Rebecca Black's stupid song "Friday" it is totally irrelevant, just like the song! I cannot come up with an idea, and i tried to make it like 'Teach Me How To Love' but i couldn't think of anything for that story either, so i think that is why i quit it in the first place. I know you guys probably think I am just giving up, but trust me, every chapter i have written for that story is like, CRAP, i could have written a waaayy better story than that one. 2. Secrets - Going on as planned, Brooke and I had a writer's block for the longest, and that is why the story has been MIA plus Brooke was sick so she couldn't write the last chapter, which is why i wrote it. and I hope we can get everything back on track ASAP.! * Brooke if you're reading this, can you PM please! (: 3. NEW STORY - Yes, i have been coming up with ideas for a new story, and i do not plan on starting it anytime soon or rushing through on my ideas because then it will just be like my last stories that have been complete FAILS! -.- 4. COLLABS - i have a collab with Naemi - www.youtube.com our story ...

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